Project GX - GX460 Tire Carrier 3.5" Bundle 1 (Center Camera Cut Out Hub) w/ DIY License Plate

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This is everything that you would need, to equip your GX460 with our JW Offroad 3.5" Spare Tire Carrier with the Center Camera relocation mount. This kit includes the following:

 Project GX Spare tire carrier with 3.5" Neck 

  • This version allows you to open the rear window and still have easy access to the latch to open the door. 
  • 1/8th" steel CNC laser cut 
  • 3/8th steel cross member brace "loading dock" 
  • (2) 1/8th inch thick backing plates for the interior of the door. 
  • Inner door skin support bracket
  • Grade 8 hardware kit 

Center Camera Slotted Neck

  • This neck will allow you to have a OEM Angle and location for your stock reverse camera. 
  • Comes with laser cnc cut slot for you to mount your OEM camera in the center or your wheel.

LED License Plate Mount and Bracket

  • Light up your license plate while improving your visibility on the road with the OLS Heavy Duty LED License Plate LED Light.
  • operating voltage of between 8 and 16 volts, this LED kit is very energy efficient and delivers enough brightness to enhance your visibility while on the road.
  • IPX7 Waterproof Certification which protects the kit from water damage being weather sealed- does not only add to the kit's durability but also its functionality which makes it ideal for several purposes including marine applications.
  • (1) Bracket-Mount License Plate Light
    (1) Set of Fasteners

These are made to order, and at times requires us to order material to start fabrication and because of that there will be a 25% restock / cancellation fee if cancelling or returning your order.