JW Collapsible Camp Grill

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🔥 Introducing our new Jw Offroad collapsible camp grill! 🏕️ Crafted from laser-cut .125 steel, this camp stove is built to last.

Designed with convenience in mind, it easily folds and assembles, making it compact and portable. Take it with you on camping trips or use it for backyard cookouts.

Made from laser-cut steel, this camp stove is not only durable but also efficient. It can handle grilling, boiling, and simmering with ease.

Upgrade your outdoor cooking game with the Jw Offroad collapsible camp grill. It's the perfect companion for all your adventures! 🔥🌲🍳

ships raw steel .will need to be coated with a high temp coating or oiled! 

easy assembly no tools needed