Toyota Sequoia 1G Cubby Overhead Storage

¥40,400 ¥56,500
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Introducing our innovative overhead cubby storage shelf designed specifically for the 1st generation Sequoia. This storage solution is designed to maximize the available space in your vehicle's interior while providing convenient access to your essential items.

Our overhead cubby storage shelf is intelligently engineered to fit seamlessly into the existing overhead space of your Sequoia. It is carefully crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The shelf is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and everyday use, making it a reliable and functional addition to your vehicle.

With our overhead cubby storage shelf, you can efficiently organize and store various items such as camp chairs ,blankets,recovery gear, and so much more .The shelf provides a dedicated space for these items, keeping them easily accessible and preventing them from cluttering your vehicle  and other storage compartments.

The installation process is quick and straightforward, requiring no modifications to your vehicle. The shelf securely attaches to the existing grab handle overhead space, ensuring a stable and secure fit. It blends seamlessly with the interior aesthetics of your 1st generation Sequoia, enhancing both functionality and style.

Upgrade your 1st generation Sequoia with our overhead cubby storage shelf and experience the convenience and functionality it brings to your adventures.

no drilling required (100% bolt on)

3 week minimum for coated orders 

1-2 weeks raw orders 

laser cut from .125 and 14 g cold rolled steel

Cnc formed 

powdercoat (optional)