GX470 oem hatch handle replacement

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We are proud to announce our Our new 100% bolt-on rear hatch handle replacement.This is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their GX470 hatch handle .This replacement is meticulously crafted using 3D scanning,laser cutting and cnc forming to ensuring a precise and flawless fit. You can confidently install it with ease, as it is designed to seamlessly replace your existing hatch handle without any modifications required. With this upgrade, you'll not only enjoy the convenience of a fully functional handle but also appreciate the sleek look it adds to your vehicle's rear end. It's a fantastic way to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your car while getting rid of that old brittle or broken handle! 

Overlay plate will need to be riveted (rivets included ) unless we are doing the coating we will do the riveting 

Stainless hardware

.125 steel cunstructed

14g face plate.

Precise fit backing plates to attach to inner door skin factory handle location .

These will currently be offered in raw form or black textured until we can decide on some color options! .