Lexus GX470 Tire Carrier 2.5" Bundle 1 - Center License Plate mount

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This is everything that you would need, to equip your GX470 with our JW Offroad 2.5" Spare Tire Carrier with the Center License Plate relocation mount.  This shorter version will allow your wheel to sit closer to the body of your vehicle.

This bundle will work for those with lower to negative offsets.  This 2.5” version will fit up to 35” Tires. 

This kit includes the following:

 GX470 Spare Tire Carrier with 2.5" Neck  

  • This is our "Hugger" Your spare tire will sit closer to the door. 
  • This will work if you are running a negative offset or wheels 7.5" Wide (Stock or TRD ) 
  • 100% Steel Constructed in house 1/8th" Steel CNC Laser Cut 
  • 3/8th Steel Cross Member brace " Load Bearing Plates " 
  • Comes with 1/8th" thick backing plates for the interior of the rear door. 
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Weights 14lbs 

Center License Plate Mount with LED

  • 100% Steel Constructed, CNC Laser Cut 
  • Allows you to run your License Plate and Reverse camera in one shot
  • Comes with 5/16th thumb screw  
  • You will need to extend harness to new location . we do not provide a plug and play solution for this. 
  • Male / Female Waterproof Connectors (Relocate Camera + Led Lamp Harness's) PLUG ONLY STILL NEED 18G WIRE TO EXTEND THE HARNESS
  • If you plan on running our Center License Plate Mount with LED Lamp you would need these to relocate your camera and plate light and also extend the existing harness to allow you to make the Quick Disconnect for both accessories when removing your Spare wheel.
  • Package includes:
    Waterproof Quick Connectors
    1x 4 pin Male and Female connectors needed for Back Up Camera.
    1x 2 pin Male and Female connectors needed for LED Plate Lamp.


Made in the USA.


These are made to order, and at times requires us to order material to start fabrication and because of that there will be a 25% restock / cancellation fee if cancelling or returning your order.