GX470 Interior Molle Panel

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The JW Off-road interior molle panel is the widest, sturdiest and BEST fitting panel on the market. Our Lexus GX470 interior molle panel is a 3 piece panel that is secured on both the 3rd row interior handle mounting point and the lower 3rd row seat release. 

Our interior molle panel has the option to strap or bolt your gear and still has full access to the electrical port and is slotted to hang your boots, bags or any type of gear you can think of for easy access. You still have access to the third row windows so you still have the ability to open them up and keep all your luxuries.  

Our interior storage products are all compatible with each other so you can run both our cubby and the interior molle panels so you can utilize the most out of the rear of your GX 470.

The molle panel is laser cut out of 1/8" steel, sandblasted, zinc and powder coated to make sure our products last forever and made in-house in the USA. 


These are made to order, and at times requires us to order material to start fabrication and because of that there will be a 25% restock / cancellation fee if cancelling or returning your order.