ARB Remote Hose Coupling Kit

ARB 4x4
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A kit to allow mounting of an ARB US Industrial Standard quick connect hose coupling anywhere on a vehicle. Designed for use with an ARB compressor and 07402XX series braided hose. The kit includes a female US Industrial Standard fitting and a bracket which allows mounting of the fitting in 3 different orientations to suit every application

  • Allows for compressed air on demand
  • Mounting kit for remote air hose anywhere on the vehicle
  • Compressor required, sold seperatly
  • Kit includes: a quick connect coupling (US Industrial Std)
  • 3 way mounting bracket
  • Mounting screw
  • JIC04 to 1/4 NPT fitting
  • 2 JIC-04 90 degree elbows
  • California Residents:WARNING